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2024 Membership Fee ----$100.00 / person

Non-Member Daily Drop-In Fee----$7.00 / person

Good for a whole day of play. 


All tournament, banquet, and special event fees are extra

Distribution of Fees

Your annual membership of $100.00 provides our biggest income.  $50.00 from each membership goes toward our facility rent at the Ottewell Curling Club. 


The remainder is used to fund our court and equipment maintenance, and supplies such as wax, markers, brushes, etc. Part of this will be set aside to replace our vinyl courts which do wear out over time.


We charge $35.00 per person entry fees to compete in our tournaments. The distribution of this money is as follows:

  • $17.50 goes towards facility rent at the Ottewell Curling Club

  • $17.50 is returned to players with the cash prizes

Promote Our Game

Reach out to people to become a member and/or to compete in our tournaments. More players, more income, less work for our volunteers. 

Our biggest obstacle to increasing membership numbers is that people are unaware of the game or that our club even exists.  Word of mouth is a very potent recruiter. We all know how much fun this game is, so go and promote the game to family, friends and neighbours. 


If we belong to other organizations, we can promote GESA in their newsletters, bulletins boards or gatherings. Direct them to our website at


Let them know that we provide free lessons, equipment, and that we are the friendliest bunch of people on the planet.



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